Swisstar is a small show kennel which breeds for temperment, health, type and movement.  We have a goal of breeding top quality show Saints and will reach this goal through responsible breeding practices.

When we have a litter, after the show pups are chosen, the rest will be sold to qualifying pet homes with limited registration and spay/neuter contracts.  On occasion we will also rehome a pup we had kept to show, but have decided not to.  These young dogs, no longer puppies can be relatively inexpensive, and would also be on limited registration.

Located in central Texas, our dogs have air conditioned areas and plenty of exercise & running space.  Each dog is a part of our family and is treated with respect and love.  Meeting all of their needs, providing them with a comfortable and happy lifestyle, is our highest priority.

We are  members of the SBCA and  of the North Texas Saint Bernard Club.  Our interests are primarily in Conformation dog shows and breeding better Saint Bernards.

Feel free to email us.  We welcome contact with others interested in the breed we love.

George & Carol Ghering & Cherish Pearce

George Ghering of Swisstar with two of his fur kids, Indy on the left and Twinkie on the right.  Tragically, Twinkie had a rare disorder that caused both of her front legs to stay short and twist outwards, while the rest of her body grew larger, and her head became huge.  The pain eventually forced us to have her put down.  She was my Christmas present one year, the next we had to say goodbye to her.  I can't see or hear the word Christmas or see the lights & decorations, without feeling sad and remembering the love that Twinkie gave me.
Indy, the dog on the left became a Champion with George as his handler.  Indy got bone cancer and died very quickly at 6 years of age.  We still grieve.
We lost our beloved Indy April of 2011
Emily with Pansy