Mama Pansy with 2 day old puppies            Baby Lea weighing in at 2 lbs, 6 3/8 oz
Lea (left) and her sister Vada (right) looking picturesque, all innocent and sweet. They were simply tuckered out from the fierce battle they had just had over getting a bath and blow dry. Don't let them fool you...a few minutes after they were turned loose, they were dirty and scrapping like little demons! Well, at least we found out that they could be clean and quiet... if only for a few minutes.
GCH CH Swisstar's Acting Out Lea HF PE
​Lea is from our A litter. We started the alphabet once we joined the SBCA and began producing litters for show. Before this, we had produced Saint puppies but were not yet educated on how to produce for show. 

Lea became our first Grand Champion and our first Bred- By Champion. She was the alpha of our pack until she died at 11 years old. A very good alpha who never hurt, but made them mind. If misbehaving, she would sit on their heads and ignore them until they quit complaining and were quiet a while. Then she would get up and walk away as if she had never seen them, would not look at them. They would follow, licking at her face while she ignored them. Witnessing this was hilarious. They did not need many reminders that their behavior was not acceptable.

 She was also an excellent breeder and mother. She produced large, healthy litters and was able to transfer qualities of the males we chose to breed to on to her youngsters. She produced 9 Champions, two of which are Grand Champion, and several grand get are also titled. She received the honor of being named Brood Bitch of the Year 2014.  We loved Lea very much and still miss her.
Lea at 1 Month                                                     Lea at 2 Months
Lea (right) and her sister Vada (left) on their second birthday.
( CH Nerthus Rebel Without A Cause Can CD RA HF PE x Pansy of Cako's Corral )
Bred by Carol & George Ghering ⋆ Owned by Carol & George Ghering