CH Swisstar's Ringo Starr
Ringo's first win + first major win at 18 mo, WD & BW for a 5pt major at the December Specialty of 2016. Thank you judge Terry Temple!
Ringo's second win + second major win, his first Best of Breed in March of 2017!! THANK YOU Dr. Keating. WD BW BOB for a 4 pt major. His littermate sister Ruby Rose went WB BOS that day as well!

Ringo earned a single point in Dallas and received his third major win in Longview. We did not take a picture for the single point and the picture for his major in Longview didn't turn out, so I won't post it!! Lol.

​MANY THANKS to Mr. Ken Buxton for finishing my sweet boy in Topeka KS with his fourth major, another 4 pointer!! We haven't gotten his champion picture in the mail yet and I will upload it as soon as we do, but for now here is the preview copy. We also took one of him & Moondoggie together, since his dad went select that day!

Not much has changed... he's still a baby, just a REALLY BIG one!
Above: Ruby & Ringo on their first birthday!
To the Right: Ruby & Ringo on their second birthday!
Below: Ringo showing off his pretty head.
              In the group ring!                  In the breed ring the day he became champion
( GCHS Swisstar's Moondoggie HF PE x CH Swisstar's Lil Lilo )
Bred by Carol & George Ghering ⋆ Owned by Cherish Pearce & Carol & George Ghering